Personal injury claims and the Jackson Reforms

The government's Jackson Reforms to civil justice will come into force in April 2013. What does this mean for you?

Both personal injury and clinical negligence claims will be effected by the reforms. The claimant's right to recover elements of their legal costs is also being reformed. 

Success fees are currently paid by the losing party in the case, but the Jackson Reforms is likely to see these costs being met by the winning party. 

Qualified one way costs shifting will mean that the claimant doesn't cover the defendant's costs if unsuccessful, unless the claimant can't or won't beat an offer made by the defendant. In addition to this, changes will be made to the way After the Event Insurance works. At present, After the Event Insurance is taken out in a lot of cases, to cover the costs of the liabilities when a claim is lost.  From April 1st 2013, the premium for After the Event Insurance will no longer be recoverable from the other party in the majority of cases. 

There are also changes being discussed to the Small Claims Limit