Hungry for Justice

Hungry for Justice

Hungry for Justice is a campaign for workers' rights in the fast food industry. It was initiated by the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, John McDonnell MP, and Unite the Resistance. 

The campaign is opposed to the use of zero hours contracts, because these can deny employees their rights to:

- a minimum wage

- 28 days holiday if full-time (or the appropriate % if part-time)

- time off to study if you are 16 or 17 years old

- paid time off during and after pregnancy

- paid paternity and adoption leave

- maximum 48 hour week with breaks in the working day

- not be unfairly dismissed  

- redundancy pay after two years' work

The website, Fast Food Rights, gives details of meet-ups, pending days of action, petitions, open letters, MPs and others who support the campaign.