Greenpeace response to Conservative manifesto launch

Commenting on the launch of the Conservative party manifesto, Greenpeace UK’s policy director, Doug Parr, said:

“Silverstone may have been the setting for the launch of this manifesto but it reads like a car crash for the planet. New gas plants and more dependence on the very fossil fuels that caused the cost of living crisis will only result in higher bills, more energy insecurity and increase our climate-wrecking emissions.

“We need a clean break from 14 years of failure on climate and nature but this is a manifesto that will drive us further into crisis. Where’s the ‘clear plan’ and the ‘bold action’ to seize the green opportunities for lower bills, more jobs and the UK’s global leadership? You can’t have a ‘secure future’ without tackling soaring bills from fossil fuels, and the climate crisis from driving heatwaves, storms and floods and the collapse of our natural world.”