Greenpeace reaction to Emissions Gap Report 2023

Responding to the UN Environment Programme’s Emissions Gap Report 2023, Greenpeace UK’s Head of Politics Rebecca Newsom said:

“If we’re on track for 3°C of heating, and already seeing heart-breaking destruction around the world from 1.4°C, no-one wants to see the second half of this reckless game world leaders are playing with our planet.

“The report makes clear that current policies are not putting us on a safe path, and the UK is no exception. Even with the dwindling resources of the North Sea, Rishi’s plan to ‘max-out’ oil and gas licences sends completely the wrong message ahead of UN climate talks that must finally draw up a credible plan for phasing out fossil fuels.

“But as well as taking measures to lower the heat, the UK should be among the first in line to support a loss and damage fund to help the most vulnerable nations already hit by extreme weather. There’s no lack of money to make this a reality if the government was willing to raise taxes on wealth and big corporate polluters.”