BP announce over £4 billion in quarterly profits

London, UK – responding to the news that BP has announced profits of £4.03 billion ($4.9 billion) during the third quarter of 2023, Charlie Kronick, Senior Climate Advisor at Greenpeace UK, said: “With massive storms pummeling both sides of the Atlantic, BP continues to post billions in profit while ordinary people pick up the tab for climate change. But just when strong government action is needed to curb fossil fuel industry profiteering, Rishi Sunak is hurtling in the wrong direction, threatening policies which will cement our dependence on fossil fuels and intensify the climate and cost of living crises.


“Big Oil has played an outsized role in driving climate change.  With the UK government missing in action, at the COP talks next month world leaders must force BP and the rest of the industry to stop drilling and start paying for the damage they are causing to the planet.”