Electoral success hinges on supportive Net Zero policies

Energy UK, the industry’s trade body, has today published polling conducted with Public First to gauge public awareness and sentiment regarding Net Zero.

The results demonstrate overwhelming support for the Government’s ambitious climate goals, including amongst 2019 Conservative voters.

46% of people surveyed revealed that they either do not know what Net Zero means or have never heard of it. This statistic underscores the importance of public education on this critical issue.

When Net Zero is explained to all voters, a clear majority express their endorsement for this critical target, with Conservative voters even more likely than the general public to support it (71% vs. 69%). These findings dispel the misconceptions that a lack of understanding equates to a lack of support.

The poll also revealed that 51% of respondents believe this Government is not putting in enough effort to reach the Net Zero target, while only 37% believe that current efforts are sufficient. It is evident that voters expect more significant action from the Government in decarbonising our economy, emphasising the need to redouble our efforts and avoid complacency.

Supporting Net Zero is likely to reap dividends at the ballot box, with 63% of voters saying they would support a policy of standing by existing Net Zero targets if it were put in a party manifesto. Only 9% of people would oppose such a policy, including a mere 11% of those planning on voting Conversative. These numbers indicate that electoral success hinges on both upholding the UK’s Net Zero targets and intensifying efforts to achieve them.

Energy UK’s Deputy Director, Adam Berman, said;

“These poll results clearly show that the road to success at the next General Election will be paved by commitment to an ambitious Net Zero agenda.”   

“However, there is much more to be done to engage with, and educate, the public on what this transition entails.”  

“As the Prime Minister rightly emphasised, we have to bring people with us on the journey to Net Zero.”  

“While challenges remain, the British public overwhelmingly supports the Government’s Net Zero ambition and expects a concerted effort to make it a reality.”  

“Private sector engagement is key; most of the investment required will come from businesses and the quicker we make the transition, the higher this proportion will be, freeing up taxpayer funding for other issues important to society.”