Greenpeace reaction to renewables auction results

In reaction to the result of the government’s biggest ever renewable auction, which has secured 11GW of clean energy, Greenpeace UK’s chief scientist, Dr Doug Parr, said:

“Renewables are like the Swiss Army knife of energy and climate solutions so it’s great news for the planet and bill payers that the biggest ever set of contracts have been awarded.

“One in every seven units of UK electricity have been allocated to renewables through this auction alone – that’s almost twice what Hinkley C or Sizewell C can deliver, and they’ll do it by 2027, before Hinkley even gets going. They’ll also be developed vastly quicker than any newly licenced oil and gas, and can produce electricity four times cheaper than gas and less than half the price of nuclear power.

“The answer to domestic energy security, slashing climate-wrecking emissions and bringing down soaring bills, is enabling investment in renewables and energy efficiency every time. So the government must create a flexible grid and shift regulation to make cheaper, cleaner and more reliable renewables the backbone of our energy system.”