Greenpeace reaction to government insulation plan

In reaction to news reports that Boris Johnson is planning to insulate hundreds of thousands of homes, Greenpeace UK’s oil and gas campaigner, Georgia Whitaker, said:

“It’s undeniable that insulating homes is the key to reducing bills, ending fuel poverty, slashing emissions and improving the living standards for millions of people. So it’s a relief that the government has finally started listening to the widespread calls for a nationwide energy efficiency programme.

“But diverting the cash from greening schools and hospitals, leaving patients and pupils to suffer from cold and draughty buildings, or from getting households off gas and onto clean heating, would be counterproductive.

“There’s a simple way to raise this money and that’s to permanently raise the tax rate on the profits of fossil fuel giants that are making billions off the multiple crises the world is currently facing, not  a levy that looks like  more tax breaks than taxes.”