Pilots condemn shocking dismissal of P&O Ferries staff and trampling on workers’ rights

The British Airline Pilots’ Association is standing in solidarity with dismissed P&O Ferries workers, the RMT and Nautilus International, and raises serious concerns about the impact on safety critical industries.

BALPA General Secretary Martin Chalk said:

“This shocking treatment of dedicated UK workers is simply wrong and must be outlawed by Government rapidly.

“No union consultation, no notice periods and work simply being outsourced: this is nothing short of taking a wrecking ball to UK worker’s rights and the fact that the UK’s Secretary of State for Transport is questioning the legality of the situation says it all.

“This also raises serious concern for P&O staff, as well as other maritime companies and other safety critical industries, such as aviation, as staff will have degraded confidence in challenging poor safety for fear of reprisal.”

“Government must work alongside the British union movement to bolster and fortify workers’ rights.”