A first listen to a new wild food podcast

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) Eat Game initiative is launching a ground-breaking monthly podcast focused on wild game and its sustainability credentials.

A spin-off from the official BASC Podcast, the Eat Game Podcast will serve the consumer market, with particular focus on those with a specific interest in sustainable food.

Hosted by BASC’s resident podcast host Tom Evans, each episode will include an exciting and in-depth interview with wild food experts from the UK and further afield. The end of each episode will include chef and BASC’s wild game officer Matt Gisby cooking up a new and exciting wild game recipe.

Annette Woolcock, BASC’s head of wild food, said: “The wild game sector is a growing market. With increased interest from younger audiences the Eat Game Podcast reaches out directly to the consumer audience who are keen to understand where their food comes from and how it impacts on the climate.

“Listeners will be left enthralled by the benefits of wild game and seeking out wild game as a healthy alternative for their next meal.

“Each episode will feature a new discussion topic with the inaugural episode focusing on the definition of sustainable with Adele Jones from the Sustainable Food Trust.”