The Department for Transport announces £50m plan to create first all-electric bus town

Local authorities will be able to bid to for money to help fund fleets of electric buses. A winning town will receive £50m and will be used as a model by government as it aims to ensure all buses are fully electric by 2025.

The announcement comes as part of a wider package of measures for buses:

  • £70m  towards high-frequency "Superbus" networks.
  • £20m towards trials of on-demand buses, which can be ordered through an app
  • £30m of funding will go to English local authorities outside of London in 2020, to help them improve or restore bus services that have been cut.
  • Over the last decade, council funding for buses in England has fallen by more than 40%. That figure excludes the capital, which has bucked the trend.

The transport secretary said:

"This £170m package will help us to create communities which are cleaner, easier to get around and more environmentally friendly, speeding up journeys and making them more reliable."

Source: BBC News