The blueprint for the continued delivery of vital care services

The blueprint for the continued delivery of vital care services

Counties represent the heartland of the UK. CCN’s 37 members serve over 23 million people living in counties that cover over of 86% of England’s land mass.

England’s population is aging and the population of older people in counties is particularly high. As people get older they need more support and more expensive types of care.

Supporting older people and their carers across the large rural areas that counties represent is huge task for CCN members – we spend almost half our budgets providing adult social care.

Counties have made huge savings over the last four years, but the funding situation for adult social care is not sustainable. 

Counties in particular lose out to other parts of the country on a per head basis, despite the costs of delivering care in rural areas and the greater demands for local services. 

The Government recognised the need for change and aimed to integrate health and social care while changing the way adult social care is funded and how budgets are shared but the changes pose a new set of challenges for counties.

If the care system is going to continue to meets the needs of the most vulnerable and their carers, it is imperative that integration is accelerated and we achieve a fully integrated system by 2020. 

This must be accompanied by a larger pooled national budget of £7.8bn between health and social care, innovation reward payments, and greater powers for local authorities to commission local health services. 

The integration of care needs to be matched by a funding review to stabilise the financial foundations of care in the long term. We must also redress and reduce funding inequalities between counties and the rest of England.

The implementation of the Care Act must be guided by the principles of prevention, early intervention and democratic accountability as captured in CCN’s concept of ‘One Place, One Budget’ for the reform of public services.

CCN’s Plan for Government and One Place, One budget are a blueprint for the continued delivery of vital care services, read the full report to find out more.