Rethink Mental Illness calls on Boris Johnson transport chief to apologise for ‘schizophrenic’ slur

The charity Rethink Mental Illness is calling for Boris Johnson's transport chief Daniel Moylan to make a public apology after he described Ken Livingston as ‘schizophrenic’.

Commenting on the former Mayor’s plans for tube fare cuts, Mr Moylan told The Evening Standard: "He [Mr Livingstone] is schizophrenic. I'm not calling him a liar but he is misleading the public and he is kind of misleading himself."

Mark Davies, Director of Communications for the charity Rethink Mental Illness said: “This comment is bizarre and absolutely inappropriate. You would never hear a public figure using any other kind of illness as a term of abuse like this. Schizophrenia is a serious illness, not a casual insult, frankly we expect more from people in the public eye.

“His comments underline the appalling level of misunderstanding there is about this illness, its causes and impact. I suggest Mr Moylan issues a full apology at the earliest opportunity.”



For more information, please contact Rachel Whitehead, Senior Media Relations Officer for Rethink Mental Illness on 0207 840 3138