‘A close shave for the Chancellor’ says RHA

The Road Haulage Association’s weekly fuel price survey has shown the biggest leap in prices for nearly ten years. Diesel rose by 2.74ppl.

“This is a huge increase obviously the direct result of rising world oil prices,” said Roger King, Chief Executive of the RHA. “Had the Chancellor confirmed his 2ppl duty increase in last week’s budget then hauliers would have been faced with even higher prices, and possible unrest within the industry. Fortunately common sense prevailed and this duty increase will not now occur until October of this year”.

Nevertheless the Chancellor is not going entirely without. “He might have foregone his immediate 2ppl, but last week’s increase will see him getting ½ ppl through VAT, or £250 million on an annualised basis if prices do not come down”, concluded Roger King.

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