Unite: MoD’s “stunning betrayal” of British manufacturing

Unite, Britain's biggest union, has accused the MoD of a "stunning betrayal" of British manufacturing as it intends to end giving UK companies priority over their foreign rivals when buying equipment and weapons for the armed forces.

The Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Peter Luff published a White Paper today (1 February) called National Security Through Technology: Technology, Equipment, and Support for UK Defence and Security. The paper sets out the shift towards open competition and buying equipment off the shelf.

Unite national officer, Ian Waddell said: "This is yet another stunning betrayal of British manufacturing. The government have learnt nothing from the fiasco at Bombardier when it put Britain's last train maker at risk in favour of a rival European manufacturer.

"The latest decision by the Indian government to select a French fighter aircraft over the BAE Systems Typhoon, highlights how important it is to support British jobs when it is within the power of the government to do so.

"This government should be using procurement to support British companies rather than using it against them.

"The defence industry provides highly skilled jobs and is hugely important to the economy. The Government is doing next to nothing to support UK manufacturing."


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