Britain's great energy debate

The UK faces some tough choices on its energy policy future in the coming years and decades. The rise of wind, wave, tidal, solar, biogas and other renewable options is rubbing up against an ongoing reliance on oil, gas and coal, while nuclear remains an option the government continues to adopt an uncertain approach to. Fracking for shale gas is also being considered carefully. As the next general election begins to loom over the horizon, the debate over where our electricity comes from is starting to hot up - and nothing seems guaranteed.

"The circumstances surrounding Hinkley have changed significantly since the initial plan."

Theresa May has ignored all the evidence against Hinkley Point

Failing to pull the plug on Hinkley will prove a costly mistake

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Cooling towers at a nuclear power plant

Issue brief: Energy policy

'Keeping the lights on' might seem like a flippant cliché to some, but it is a serious business for those tasked with making sure there is enough electricity to go round over the next century or so.

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