Austerity Britain

The coalition is sticking with its 'Plan A' to reduce Britain's fiscal deficit sooner rather than later. Its leaders trumpet the advantages of maintaining the UK's credibility, but at the cost of sweeping cuts affecting every area of public spending. As the below shows, the challenges this poses for politicians - both in government and in opposition - are acute...

Stripped even of dignity: the lived experience of austerity

I'm Broken, Britain: Austerity strips you of everything in the end

The latest in a heart-wrenching and unflinchingly honest column on austerity's impact on disability benefits.

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  • "The growth of the non-religious has been the biggest demographic shift in Britain in recent decades"

    Number of non-religious people in Britain jumps by 46%, new figures show

    The number of people in Britain who say they have no religion has increased by a staggering 46% over the past seven years, making non-religious people the fastest growing group in the country, according to new figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

  • ESRC logo

    ESRC: Britain in 2013 - the nation in focus

    Published on 19 November, Britain in 2013 - the nation in focus, showcases the diversity of ESRC-funded research on the state of the nation. The magazine is a mixture of academic opinion pieces alongside informed journalistic writing, offering a concise analysis of research and topical issues concerning Britain today.

  • Britain is a great trading nation

    Britain is a great trading nation

    Britain is on the cusp of a new industrial age. The pace of technological evolution is quickening - manufacturers must be more innovative than ever.

  • EEF-animation

    A new industrial revolution is underway - EEF

    A better-balanced economy, driven by increased exports, investment, innovation, and improved infrastructure and productivity, is the engine of wealth creation, better living standards and job creation. UK manufacturing can help to power this engine.

George Osborne with his Lib Dem deputy, Danny Alexander

Feature: Should Osborne splurge in Budget 2012?

Despite everything, George Osborne is thought to have some spare cash to play wfor this year's Budget. What's he going to do with it?

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