Poll suggests many Londoners would be uncomfortable being represented by Labour

Third of Londoners ‘uncomfortable’ with a Muslim mayor

Third of Londoners ‘uncomfortable’ with a Muslim mayor

Almost a third of Londoners would be "uncomfortable" being represented by a Muslim mayor, according to a shocking new poll.

Londoners are widely perceived to be tolerant of other cultures.

However, the YouGov poll for LBC found 31% of Londoners would be "uncomfortable if the next London mayor was a Muslim" as opposed to 55% who said they would be comfortable.

Ukip voters were the most bothered by the prospect, with 73% saying a Muslim mayor would make them uncomfortable.

Two Muslim candidates, Labour's Sadiq Khan and Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, are seeking their party's nomination for next year's election.

The poll also found a significant proportion of Londoners would be unhappy with a mayor who is a member of an ethnic minority. Thirteen per cent said the prospect made them uncomfortable, including 41% of Ukip voters.

Sixteen per cent of all Londoners also said they would be uncomfortable with a mayor who is homosexual.

The poll found Labour's current frontrunner Tessa Jowell would win in a head-to-head with Conservative frontrunner Zac Goldsmith 53% to 47% once don't knows were excluded.

However, when asked who they would vote for in a race between Goldsmith and Khan, Goldsmith took a six point lead.