End of the BNP: Nick Griffin loses Euro seat

The British National party lost their only remaining seat in the European parliament last night, marking the end of the far-right party as a serious force in British politics.

Nick Griffin came sixth in his North West constituency, receiving just two per cent of total votes.

Support for the far-right party collapsed right across the UK, with just one per cent lending their vote to the party.

In London, once the scene of the BNP's greatest success in Barking and Dagenham, the party came in tenth place behind a party representing the rights of animals.

Griffin last night blamed the result on the rise of Ukip.

He told Sky News that voters had simply "voted for Ukip's racist policies" instead.

Asked if this meant that the BNP are a racist party, something he's previously denied, he replied: "We are indeed what you might call racist."

The result marks the end of a dreadful period for Griffin. Two years ago the BNP lost their other MEP, Andrew Brons, after he quit accusing Griffin of "destroying" the party.

Griffin's personal fortunes have also continued to fall. Earlier this year he was declared bankrupt.

The dramatic collapse of the BNP's fortunes came as other far-right parties have triumphed across Europe.

In France, the Front National came in first place while in Denmark, the far-right Danish People's party also topped the polls.