Archive of 19 August 2013

Caroline Lucas is led away by police. Photo credit: No Dash For Gas

Green MP Caroline Lucas arrested at anti-fracking demo

Parliament's only Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has been arrested at an anti-fracking demonstration in Balcombe.

  • Chief rabbi says multiculturalism has "had its day"

    Chief rabbi: Multiculturalism is over

    "Multiculturalism has had its day," Britain's chief rabbi argued today, as he issued a warning that ethnic and religious groups risk "putting our people's interest [ahead] of the national interest."

  • Members of the Youngs Together activist group pose with masks of Edward Snowden during a public hearing of Brazil-based Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald at the Brazilian Senate's foreign relations committee earlier this month.

    Labour demands answers on Heathrow terror arrest

    Labour has demanded answers from the Home Office after the partner of a journalist connected to the Edward Snowden revelations was detained under anti-terror laws.

  • Cannabis cookies: Sally Davies admits eating the drug at university

    Chief medical officer: I took drugs

    England's chief medical officer has admitted taking drugs, in an interview which sees her demand that use of narcotics be treated as a medical issue rather than a criminal one.

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