Labour surges ahead in the polls as Tory conference opens

Labour enjoyed a significant post-conference bounce today, putting them 11 points ahead of the Tories as the governing party met in Manchester for its annual conference.

Today's YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, which comes after a week of debate over Ed Miliband's proposal for a two-year freeze in energy prices, saw Labour surge by five per cent on 42% while the Conservatives fell two points to 31%.

Ukip were on 13%, up two, and the Liberal Democrats on nine per cent, down two.

Miliband himself enjoyed a significant eight per cent boost to his personal ratings, with 30% now thinking he's doing a good job, compared to 22% last week.

Sixty-three per cent of voters support Miliband's energy price freeze proposal, with just 26% opposing it.

Forty-five per cent of voters expect another coalition in 2015 while 35% say it will not.

The most popular coalition option is a Lib-Lab one, with 42% opting for that option. Another Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition enjoyed 36% support.

Lib Dems favour a pact with Labour by a big margin of 60% to 32%.