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Hillsborough: Justice at last after over two decades of campaigning?

Victory at last: High court quashes Hillsborough 'accidental death' verdict

Families of those killed in the Hillsborough disaster won recognition of their campaign after nearly a quarter of a century today when the high court quashed the verdict of 'accidental killing' concerning their deaths.

  • Spoiling for a fight: Alex Ferguson is expected to play a prominent role in the independence debate

    Grudge match: Alex Ferguson vs Alex Salmond

    Alex Ferguson had a few choice words for Alex Salmond today, amid attempts to limit the role Scots outside the country could have in the independence campaign.

  • Clegg is keen to defend his party's record in government

    'Every trick in the book': It's Clegg 2.0

    Nick Clegg was accused of trying "every trick in the book" to distance himself from his record today, after he made a keynote speech describing the Liberal Democrats as the only genuine party of the middle ground.

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