No more VIP lanes for ministers at the Olympics

Ministers banned from Olympic VIP lane

Ministers banned from Olympic VIP lane

Ministers and MPs have been told to avoid using the VIP Olympic lanes to get to the Games, as they try to avoid public irritation around the event.

David Cameron has confirmed he will be getting the Tube to the event, while government officials will be forced to accompany their guests on public transport too.

"All ministers will be expected to travel to the Games like everybody else," a government spokesperson said.

"There will be some limited circumstances when this might be waved but as a general rule that is what they have been told."

The VIP-only lanes for the Games have proved hugely controversial since they were announced and public relations managers are desperate for no government figure to be pictured using one.

But one anonymous Cabinet minister complained bitterly to the Independent about the restrictions.

"This has caused a lot of ill-feeling and frankly some of us would rather not be going to anything at all," they said.

"The rules are unbelievably draconian. We've basically been told we're on our own and have to look after our guests with no official support and we'll have to go by Tube as well.

"I know they're worried about how it will look if we're seen to get special treatment but at the end of the day we're supposed to be representing the government. I'd rather be sitting at home watching it on television."

Over 60 MPs and ministers have been assigned guests for the Games. They are being encouraged to use the visit to promote British business.

"I will be using public transport and that is how I recommend [everyone] should travel," Cameron said.

"I now use the Tube, I drive my protection team mad in London by saying why on earth are we in the car, the Tube is quicker."