Opik calls for Clegg resignation

Clegg may not be overly concerned by attacks from a former MP.
Clegg may not be koverly concerned by attacks from a former MP.

By politics.co.uk staff

Lembit Opik has called for the resignation of Nick Clegg in a new book on the future of the Liberal Democrats.

The colourful former MP, who recently appeared in a toe-curlingly embarrassing music video online, said research showed the party was operating in an "identity vacuum".

"There's no point in pulling our punches. After a year of research, [we] have concluded that Nick cannot realistically lead the party into the next election without incurring an additional contraction in the number of MPs - directly as a result of his leadership," he said.

"We have also identified the lack of a political narrative which was left the party drifting in an identity vacuum while, by contrast, the Conservatives have been remarkably effective at maintaining their focus and image."

Despite his reputation for publicity seeking stunts and a convoluted, much-derided love life, the former Montgomeryshire MP was once highly respected among sections of the party for his campaigning workshops.

Mr Opik's book, The Alternative View, has been written with Ed Joyce.




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