Horsegate: PM admits he rode Brooke's horse

Horse-gate has been the source of much amusement online.
Horse-=gate has been the source of much amusement online.

By Oliver Hotham

David Cameron admitted he rode the infamous horse lent to Rebekah Brooks by the Met police today.

The prime minister is a close personal friend and neighbour of the former editor of the News of the World's husband, Charlie Brooks.

He admitted it was a matter of record that he had been riding with Mr Brooks, so in all likelihood he had ridden the horse lent to Rebekah Brooks by Scotland Yard.

"I think my staff have had to answer a lot of questions about horses," the prime minister said.

"I don't think I'll be getting back into the saddle any time soon".

He also expressed sadness that the horse "Raisa" has since passed away.

Rebekah Brooks, who is now on bail after being arrested on charges of phone hacking and corruption, was lent the horse by the Met police in 2008.

The row over the horse has been the source of much amusement online, but it is also symptomatic of the close relations between Downing Street, the Met and News International.

“People will be dismayed that while News International was busy hacking phones, David Cameron was out hacking with Rebekah Brooks’ husband," shadow media secretary Harriet Harman said.

“David Cameron has not been straight about just how close he was to senior executives at News International and it’s time for him come clean about the extent of this relationship.”


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