Sun on Sunday to be launched this weekend

Sun on Sunday to be launched this weekend
Sun on Sunday to be launched this weekend

By Oliver Hotham

The Sun's new Sunday edition will be launched this weekend, News International has announced in an internal memo to its staff.

Rupert Murdoch's officially announcement of the decision comes much earlier than anticipated and signals a determination from News International to get back on the front foot despite ongoing police investigations at the newspaper.

"As you know, News Corporation has made clear its determination to sort out what has gone wrong in the past and we are fundamentally changing how we operate as a business," News International chief executive Tom Mockridge wrote to staff.

"This is our moment. I am sure every one of us will seize the opportunity to pull together and deliver a great new dawn for The Sun this Sunday.

The news was also publicised in an announcement on the paper's website, in which it affirmed its beliefs and editorial goals.

"From today your favourite paper will be available seven days a week, making every day a Sun day," says the newspaper in the announcement.

"Just as we promised when The Sun first rose in 1969, the new edition will not be produced for pundits or for politicians, of whatever shade. It will be produced for you."

Last week Sun owner Rupert Murdoch flew to London to quell a mutiny among his staff at the Sun, with journalists accusing him of betraying them in handing over information about hacking to the police.

The new Sun on Sunday will replace its former sister paper, the News of the World, which was forced to shut down in July of last year over the phone hacking scandal.


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