‘Squeezed middle’ replaces ‘big society’ as word of the year

By politics.co.uk staff

Ed Miliband's "squeezed middle" phrase has been chosen as 'word of the year' by Oxford University Press in the UK and US.

The phrase, who acts as a shorthand for the difficulties of those on modest and medium incomes during the austerity drive, beat 'Arab Spring', 'occupy', 'phone-hacking' and 'podcasting' for the nomination.

"The speed with which 'squeezed middle' has taken root, and the likelihood of its endurance while anxieties deepen, made it a good candidate for word of the year," Oxford University Press spokeswoman Susie Dent said.

"If there was no obvious winner, there was a very clear prevailing mood. Financial hardship and protest on an almost unprecedented scale have scored our language deeply."

Last year, David Cameron’s 'big society' beat 'double-dip' and 'vuvuzela' to win.