Labour conference: David Miliband leaving country

Twelve months on, the soap opera continues
Twelve months on, the soap opera continues

By staff

David Miliband is jetting off to the United States later as the Labour conference takes place in Manchester.

He is first expected to make a clear statement of support for his younger brother at the Labour conference in Liverpool, however.

The last 12 months has seen the 'soap opera' of their relationship reappear sporadically. But it is set to be downplayed as far as possible after the former foreign secretary gives the Labour leader a clear statement of support.

"We must never lose our sense of outrage at this shocking government," he is expected to say at a fringe meeting later.

"Ed has led the party with strong purpose and conviction, and that is what Labour needs."

David Miliband decided to leave frontbench politics after his surprise defeat to Ed Miliband last September.

His Commons appearances have largely focused on foreign affairs, while he has helped develop the grassroots Movement for Change campaign within the Labour party.

"He's providing huge support to me as a brother. It's support I'm incredibly grateful for," Ed Miliband told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show this morning.

"He's doing his own thing, he's getting on with helping us."

Ed Miliband said he would like to see David Miliband return to his shadow Cabinet but conceded that "in the end that's his decision".

"He's focused on supporting me and doing his own things," he added. "We've moved on and I think everybody else should, too."

David Miliband, who was caught voicing disagreement with Ed Miliband during the latter's first leader's speech over Iraq, will not be in the conference hall for this year's speech.

He leaves for Washington after his fringe meeting for a conference on China, the Observer newspaper reported.


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