'Time against Gaddafi' as helicopters hit Tripoli

Is time running out for Gaddafi? Reports from the ground are mixed.
Is time running out for Gaddafi? Reports from the ground are mixed.

By politics.co.uk staff

Time is running out for Muammar Gaddafi following sustained helicopter attacks on the Libyan capital, the foreign secretary has said.

Returning from a trip to meet the rebel Transitional National Council with international development secretary Andrew Mitchell, William Hague said he had encouraged rebels to have a "detailed plan" for a power transfer in the event of a military victory.

Reports about the effectiveness of attacks on Tripoli and Brega last night are mixed, but the use of British and French Apache helicopters saw two military installations destroyed along with a radar site and an armed checkpoint.

It is understood that they faced retaliatory fire, however.

The Libyan government condemned the trip to see the transitional council, saying it was an illegal interference in the affairs of another state, but Mr Hague said events on the ground were "inspiring".

The Benghazi visit was designed to show "our support for the Libyan people and for the National Transitional Council, the legitimate representative of the Libyan people", Mr Hague told the Andrew Marr programme.


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