Top reactors could increase Trident bill

Top-of-the-range reactors could power Britain's nuclear subs
Top-of-the-range reactors could power Britain's nuclear subs

By staff

A decision not to skimp on the reactors which will power Britain's nuclear submarines could spark coalition tensions later this week.

After months of delay the Ministry of Defence is set to approve spending on expensive nuclear reactors which, the Observer reported, could increase the £20 billion cost of renewing Trident by several billion pounds.

"It has all been agreed and the announcement will be made this week," a source told the newspaper.

"Nothing pleases the Liberal Democrats on this subject but they have signed up on it, so it will happen."

The Liberal Democrats campaigned against a like-for-like renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent during last year's general election campaign.

The coalition agreement left room for them to review the situation and the question continues to mar relations between the two party's ministers.

Lib Dems believe they have secured delaying a final decision on Trident until after the planned 2015 general election, but some experts say the project will be too far advanced by then for ministers to realistically back out.


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