Cameron: Britain back in business

David Cameron extolled the government's achievements to kick off the Tory election campaign in Wales.
David Cameron extolled the government's achievements to kick off the Tory election campaign in Wales.

By Hannah Brenton

Britain is "back in business" after almost a year under the coalition government, David Cameron has said.

The prime minister kicked off the Tory campaign in the Welsh elections by emphasising the government's achievements in its first year in office.

Mr Cameron cited fiscal responsibility, welfare and pension reform, corporation tax cuts and government provisions to help with the rising cost-of-living as election pledges that were being fulfilled.

The removal of top-down government targets, the immigration cap and the creation of a mandatory referendum before any further powers can be transferred to Brussels were also flagged.

Mr Cameron blamed Labour for the state of public finances but said the Conservatives were clearing up "the mess".

"Once again Labour didn't so much run our country as run our country into the ground," he said. "And once again it has fallen to this party to come in, to clear up the mess and to give our country the leadership she needs."

The Tory leader insisted the government's spending cuts were "right" and would turn the economy around.

"We saved £6 billion last year and we're on course to balance the books within four years," he added.

"In under 11 months we have showed the world that Britain is heading back into the black - and back in business.

"Confidence is growing. Our credit rating has been assured. Market interest rates have fallen.

"The plan on our economy is right - and we are sticking to it."

But the prime minister said Wales would face less austerity measures than the rest of the UK.

"We need to let people know that reductions in public spending in Wales are lower than the average in the rest of the UK and a lot lower than England," he said.

Mr Cameron pointed towards plans to electrify rail lines in Wales and the provision of a further £65 million in funding for the Welsh Assembly.


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