Polls show Cameron 'has lost his shine'

The prime minister's honeymoon period is over - Prof Curtice
The prime minister's honeymoon period is over - Prof Curtice

By politics.co.uk staff

The prime minister's political honeymoon is finally coming to an end, a poll of polls has suggested.

Research from Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University for the Independent newspaper saw the Conservative leader's poll ratings for January finally becoming negative overall.

The Tory leader has been protected to an extent by public anger focusing on his deputy, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

Now his positive start appears to have definitively come to an end.

"The hard graft of trying to take the public with him through difficult times has now begun," Prof Curtice said.

"Mr Cameron has lost his shine and doubts are creeping in about the government's handling of the economy."

The polls covered the period before GDP figures for the final quarter of 2010 showing a contraction of 0.5% were released, suggesting concerns about the impact of spending cuts on the economy are only just beginning to have an effect.

"It seems that to discontent and disappointment about the role played by the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition is now being added doubts about the competence of the Conservatives," Prof Curtice added.

"Yet while Labour has forged ahead, its recovery appears to be based on disillusion with the Conservatives rather than any renewal of faith in the party itself."

The poll of polls put Labour on 42% and the Tories on 35% - a five-point swing on December's figures. The Lib Dems gained one point to 12%, with other parties unchanged on 11%.


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