Austerity drive won’t affect royal wedding – PM

By staff

David Cameron has insisted widespread spending cuts will not adversely affect the royal wedding.

The prime minister was in a generous mood as he was interviewed by US news channel CNN about the impending marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

He said the April 29th wedding at Westminster Abbey would not be a “budget” affair but, instead, “a royal wedding that the whole country can celebrate”.

“We pay for certain parts of it, and the royal family pay for other parts,” Mr Cameron explained.

He said the government would pay for policing and security but emphasised that the royal family were in charge of the plans.

“I think it’s going to be a great moment for Britain. They are a wonderful couple,” he added, before going on to single out Prince William for special praise.

He said he had got to know the second-in-line to the throne during the doomed World Cup 2018 bid in Zurich last year.

He called Prince William “a remarkable young man” who is “great, balanced, poised”.

“I think he will make I am sure a fantastic husband and one day he will make a wonderful king,” Mr Cameron continued.

“I think the world will be looking at this royal wedding but I think we will be very proud of it in the UK, but above all it’s two young people who love each other very much who are getting married, and we should be happy for them.”