Archive of 2010

Simon Hughes abstained in the crucial tuition fees vote

Hughes becomes coalition's access officer

Lib Dem deputy Simon Hughes will become the 'advocate for access to education'.

  • Political row centred on flu jabs for under-fives

    Parties flushed over flu jab row

    Labour has managed to raise the Tories' temperature in a row over flu vaccinations for under-fives.

  • That red rose has a lot of history

    Labour 'tied to the past'

    Labour's obsession with its history is likely to hinder Ed Miliband's efforts to make a decisive break with the past, an expert has claimed.

  • DfID's spending on education programmes overseas is not being properly scrutinised for value for money, say MPs

    Aid budget 'needs more scrutiny'

    The money Britain spends on overseas development to promote education isn't being properly scrutinised for value for money, MPs have said.

  • Which leader has the upper hand in the coalition?

    Lib Dems 'need policy win'

    The Liberal Democrats urgently need to demonstrate they have got their way on a major policy issue, an expert has warned.

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