Ed Miliband: 'A new generation has taken control'

Labour has a new leader
Labour has a new leader

By Ian Dunt

Ed Miliband has celebrated the emergence of a new generation in the Labour party, in his victory speech following his confirmation as party leader.

Speaking to a packed and emotional hall in Manchester, Mr Miliband also spoke warmly of his elder brother, who he beat in a nail biting finish.

"I'm proud of the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown but we lost the election and we lost it badly," he said.

"My message to the country is this: I know we lost your trust. Today a new generation has taken control of Labour, a new generation that understands the call for change.

"I get it. Whatever your view on the Iraq war it led to an appalling loss of trust for us. I know we have to change, so I have to unify this party and I am going to show I understand the need for change," he added.

"I believe in Britain. Today's election turns a page because a new generation has stepped forward to serve our party and in time to serve out country. Today, the work of the new generation begins."

The former energy and climate change secretary was also keen to show that he understood the public's approval on a consensual approach to politics typified by the coalition government.

"I believe we need a new kind of politics. I will oppose this coalition government when they are doing the wrong thing, but I will support them when they are doing the right thing," he said.

He also immediately began to rebuild bridges with his elder brother, David, who was occasionally accused of running a negative campaign against his brother.

"You have put your trust in me and I am determined to pay that back to you," he told the party.

"The first way I will repay that trust is by uniting our party and taking it forward together.

"David I love you so much as a brother, and I have such extraordinary respect for the campaign you ran. We all know how much you have to offer this party in the future."

The speech makes it all but certain that David Miliband will find a prominent position in the shadow Cabinet.


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