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Harman has a guaranteed seat on the Cabinet as deputy leader

Harman brings down the curtain on 'historic' conference

Harriet Harman will bring a historic Labour conference to a close today when she delivers the final speech in Manchester.

  • Trouble at the Beeb - union bosses were unimpressed with the journalists' letter

    BBC strike row descends into acrimony

    Political staff and journalists at the BBC have co-signed a letter to union representatives criticising planned strikes during the Tory conference - and have received an indignant response.

  • Navy's aircraft carriers under threat from strategic defence and security review

    PM stands firm in face of Fox protests

    David Cameron is not prepared to retreat from plans to cut Britain's military budget, despite strong opposition from the defence secretary, according to a report.

  • Tax to cuts ratio would become more equal under Ed Miliband

    Ed Miliband hints at tax hikes

    Ed Miliband has suggested the party would put a larger emphasis on greater taxation rather than public spending cuts.

  • Khan: Ed Miliband's campaign manager

    The mastermind steps from the shadows

    The man behind Ed Miliband's leadership campaign has made his speech to conference, with political pundits weighing up his words for signs of his future role.

  • Pay equality may suffer as a result of the government's review

    Govt under fire for Equality Act delay

    The government is being accused of allowing the pay gap between men and women to grow by watering down the Equalities Act.

  • David Miliband appears outside  his home with his wife this afternoon

    Exit David Miliband

    David Miliband has decided not to stand for the shadow Cabinet and will remain on the backbenches while his brother leads the Labour party.

  • All is not well within the walls of the MoD

    Leaked letter reveals Fox's defence review panic

    The strategic defence and security review (SDSR) will have "grave political consequences" for the government, defence secretary Liam Fox has warned David Cameron.

  • Ed Balls faces a big speech to delegates in Manchester this morning

    Balls makes his shadow Cabinet pitch

    Ed Balls has called on his party to offer a clear "Labour alternative" to the coalition government's programme of spending cuts, as he made his pitch for a senior job in the shadow Cabinet.

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