Archive of 3 August 2010

Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari speaks to journalists yesterday

Cameron 'alienating' British Pakistanis

The diplomatic row between Britain and Pakistan could have a knock-on impact on domestic politics as British Pakistanis turn their back on the prime minister, it has been claimed.

  • Ed Balls says Labour must be clearer about what it stands for

    Balls warns of Tory 'trap'

    Labour leadership candidate Ed Balls has warned his party must stay focused on shaping its new identity rather than criticising the Liberal Democrats.

  • Warsi has been described as the most powerful Muslim woman in Britain

    Warsi backs the burkha

    Baroness Warsi, the only Muslim woman at the top of government, has finally come out in support of women who wear the burkha.

  • Northern Rock's collapse foreshadowed the financial crisis

    Northern Rock returns to profit

    The bank whose collapse became an early indicator of the financial crisis has returned a profit for the first time since the downturn.

  • Hunger strike at Campsfield begins

    Immigration detainees go on hunger strike

    Detainees at Campsfield House, a controversial immigration detention centre, began a hunger strike last night, with over 100 people refusing their evening meal.

  • Ipsa has been the subject of controversy in the Westminster village

    Ipsa chief defends his record

    The chief executive of the body overseeing MPs' expenses has defended himself against the torrent of criticism the new system has received.

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