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Simon Highes is to the left of the parliamentary Liberal Democrats

After 100 days, the coalition takes stock

The coalition government is marking its first 100 days in power, as Britain attempts to assess whether the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance can really last another five years.

  • Simon Highes is to the left of the parliamentary Liberal Democrats

    Lib Dems 'need backbench veto'

    Liberal Democrat backbenchers should be given a veto against decisions taken by government ministers, Simon Hughes has suggested.

  • Not just about cuts: The coalition has had 100 days in government.

    Clegg takes on social mobility

    Nick Clegg has pledged to take responsibility for the coalition's record on social mobility - while simultaneously warning achieving change is "like turning the wheel on an oil tanker".

  • Most, but not all, students are happy with their university experience

    Unhappy students fuel top-up fees debate

    Student worries about assessment, organisation and academic support show English universities need to improve their performance, higher education minister David Willetts has conceded.

  • Minimum age for winter fuel payments could be raised by coalition

    Benefits in coalition's sights

    Winter fuel payments and child benefit are under threat as the coalition government contemplates how to reduce Britain's welfare bill.

  • Queen remains Australia's head of state

    Australian PM wants to axe the Queen

    The Australian prime minister has said she hopes Queen Elizabeth II will be the last British head of state of her country, putting some life into the ongoing general election campaign.

  • The 12,500 cases have been dealt with by the LSC

    Asylum cases saved following charity collapse

    The cases of thousands of asylum seekers have been saved from a devastating lack of legal representation after Refugee and Migrant Justice (RMJ) went into administration.

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