Archive of 6 June 2010

Enter No10: The two leaders played to their traditional vote today

Trouble ahead: Clegg and Cameron prepare the ground for cuts

David Cameron and Nick Clegg issued two markedly different warnings about the "painful" spending cuts ahead, just weeks before the emergency Budget.

  • Alistair Campbell is promoting gthe first volume of his diaries, 'Prelude to Power'

    Campbell attacks Ed Miliband

    Alistair Campbell has waded into the Labour leadership contest with an attack on Ed Miliband and a message of support for his brother, David.

  • Burnham: 'We were in the thrall of big business'

    Burnham veers left in attack on big business

    Andy Burnham will veer to the left tomorrow in his bid to become Labour party leader with a call for the party re-evaluate its attitude to big business.

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