Archive of 9 May 2010

Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown at a VE ceremony on Sunday

Hung parliament: Lib Dem/Tory talks 'positive and productive'

Talks between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives at the Cabinet Office today were "positive and productive", William Hague said.

  • A poll today shows support for some form of PR

    Poll shows support for PR

    Nearly half the public wants some form of proportional representation for future elections, according to a new poll.

  • Senior Conservatives turn on leader following election failure

    Tory anger turns on Cameron

    There are growing signs of rebellion against David Cameron's rule within the Conservative party after he failed to secure a majority at the general election.

  • Gordon Brown has not yet resigned as prime minister

    Voters want Brown out of No 10

    Nearly two-thirds of voters believe Gordon Brown should have conceded defeat on Friday and quit No 10, according to a poll.

  • Voting reform may prove stumbling block to Lib/Con coalition

    Top Tories say no to PR

    A coalition between The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats looks to be on the rocks after senior Tories set their face against electoral reform.

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