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The final day: Big Ben counts down to election day

The final day

The race for Downing Street went down to the wire on the final day of campaigning before voters go to the polls.

  • Tory candidate in trouble over school photo

    A Conservative parliamentary candidate in the East Midlands has been accused of failing to take the complaints of parents seriously after he used a picture of their children without permission.

  • The polls continue to point to a hung parliament

    The polls: No cigar for any party

    Polls on the last day of the election campaign still suggest no party will be able to form a majority government, but they do show some good news for Labour.

  • The Odds: Fever pitch

    Betting interest in this election is so high that bookies will keep their telephone betting offices open throughout election night.

  • The BNP's election campaign has been beset by problems

    BNP in turmoil as online chief sabotages operation

    The British National party's (BNP) beleaguered election campaign hit a new disaster today when its head of online operations quit the party and took the website with him.

  • The Odds: Last minute bets

    Bookies are anticipating over £25million being gambled on the 2010 General Election across the UK with the success of the TV debates as election fever grips the UK.

  • Ukip candidate for City of London and Westminster predicts riots

    Ukip candidate predicts civil war in the UK

    Paul Weston, Ukip's candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster seat, has predicted a civil war in the UK in the next 20 years following "the ethnic cleansing of the English".

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