Cameron: No 'stitch-up' to enter No 10

David Cameron pledged to make 'unelected' PMs hold an election
David Cameron pledged to make 'unelected' PMs hold an election

By staff

David Cameron has pledged to ensure that 'unelected' prime ministers would have to call a general election within six months of entering Downing Street.

He said a Conservative government would make a law to force any MP who entered No 10 but who hadn't been party leader at a general election to hold a new poll within six months.

Both Gordon Brown and John Major in recent years took the top job without having been leader at the previous election.

Speaking at a Conservative rally in Grays, Essex, a tieless Mr Cameron said: "You should hold office because the people have voted for you, not because your party has stitched up some kind of deal.

"In a hung parliament we might end up with a prime minister who wasn't even involved in these TV debates. Is that change? Is that democracy? Is that progress? Of course it isn't."

Again returning to his theme that a hung parliament would not solve the economy, or crime or other issues, Mr Cameron said that there would be "bickering" and "horse-trading" if the election led to a coalition or minority government.

He asked: "Will we get real change from another five years of Gordon Brown? Will we get real change, change you can count on, from a hung parliament?"

His invited audience, many wearing Conservative T-shirts in the spring sunshine, chorused: "No!"


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