Archive of 16 March 2010

Lib Dems blame banking sector for economic woes

Hard-talking Clegg stands up to City

Nick Clegg refused to compromise with a City audience as he outlined why the banking sector needs urgent reform.

  • Mandy vs Ken: the big fight could be the highlight of the Cabinet contender debates

    Finally: Mandy takes on Ken

    The clash many political pundits have been waiting for since Ken Clarke and Peter Mandelson were brought back into the fold is finally on its way.

  • Britain needs to be more specific about how it will reduce the deficit, the European Commission says

    Europe takes on Labour

    Labour faces a tough new critic of its economic policy, with the European Commission (EC) demanding Britain does more to cut its deficit.

  • Yes Minister, but are so many really necessary?

    Too many ministers?

    The prevalence of ministers in government is slowing down its work and costing it far too much money, according to an influential new report published today.

  • The dementia strategy is not being rigorously pursued, MPs said.

    MPs: We were mislead on dementia care

    The Department of Health (DoH) has consistently failed to live up to its promises on dementia care, a frank and damaging report by MPs found today.

  • Souncil chiefs have quickly returned to a similar post after being paid off, the report showed

    Council chief pay-offs prompt anger

    There was anger across the political spectrum today after an audit found council chiefs were being given six-figure pay offs only to quickly take up jobs at different councils.

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