Archive of 4 October 2010

Tory party delegates enjoyed a typical Boris performance at conference today

Boris demands new anti-strike law

Boris Johnson has demanded new anti-strike legislation to make it harder for workers to engage in industrial action, as the London Underground is again brought to a halt.

  • Boris Johnson walked on last year to the EastEnders theme

    Tories braced for Boris

    Conservative party members are waiting with bated breath to see whether London mayor Boris Johnson rocks the boat in his speech to the party conference.

  • Police ready to block Leicester march

    May blocks Leicester marches

    Home secretary Theresa May has banned marches in Leicester on the day that the English Defence League had planned to protest.

  • A Japanese bullet train: The government are hoping spread a similar high-speed system throughout the UK

    High-speed rail to connect northern cities

    The government's plans for high speed rail will roll out to both the north-east and north-west of England in a "transformation of the way Britain works", Philip Hammond has announced.

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