Bookies back David Miliband for leader

The betting community appears to be firmly behind David Miliband
The betting community appears to be firmly behind David Miliband

by Peter Wozniak

David Miliband received a boost to his campaign for the Labour leadership, with the odds on his victory down to 1/3, according to Paddy Power.

The shadow foreign secretary was by far the market leader over his brother Ed whose odds nonetheless remain high at 7/4.

It is clear that the siblings garner a great deal more support than their rivals. Both Ed Balls and Andy Burnham sit at odds of 40/1, with Diane Abbott languishing at 125/1.

It remains to be seen whether the support of Peter Mandelson and (possibly) Tony Blair, both divisive figures within the Labour party, will prove a 'kiss of death' on the elder Miliband's prospects.

Voting in the leadership election begins tomorrow, in what is expected to be entirely a two-horse race between the Milibands.

It appears, according the betting community at least, that David Miliband is the frontrunner.
However, in the complex voting system that will be used, the second preferences of those supporting Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott could prove crucial, and may yet boost the chances of Ed Miliband.

The contest has burst into life over the past week, with all the candidates, particularly the two Milibands, becoming more assertive in their attacks on the others, and important figures within the party, including Lord Mandelson and Jon Cruddas, throwing their weight behind their preferred choices.

The result will be announced at the Labour conference on the 25th of September.


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