Keep on cutting, coalition leaders urge

By staff

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have called on Cabinet colleagues not to forget the government’s biggest priority this summer: reducing the deficit.

The prime minister and his deputy used a jointly-written letter to Cabinet members to call on ministers not to lose sight of the need to cut public spending.

They reminded their parties that “the most urgent issue facing Britain” was deficit reduction, alongside “continuing to ensure economic recovery”.

A focus on redistributing power from the government to “communities and people”, combined with a “long-term” focus, underpins the letter.

“Over the course of the spending review we need you to ensure that this purpose is felt across your departments,” the pair wrote.

“Whatever the options on the table, whatever the decision to be made, the same questions must be asked: will it put more power in people’s hands? And will it equip Britain for long-term success?”