Cameron considering scaling back G8

Cameron at the G8 summit
Cameron at the G8 summit

By staff

Downing Street is considering scaling back the G8 summit when it comes back to London in 2013.

The prime minister is said to be tempted by the idea of returning the summits to the 'fireside chat' culture that prevailed in the 1970's, when they began.

The lengthy and generally vacuous communiqués which emerge from the tail end of summits would be scrapped and the number of people in each entourage reduced.

The summit could also be linked to other international events to reduce costs.

Last weekend's G20 summit attracted criticism for the huge costs involved (estimated at £645 million) and the drab nature of its conclusions.

Media reports indicate David Cameron is unsatisfied by the process where aides and advisors draw up a communiqué in advance, get leaders to sign it off, and then present it at the end. With so many different interests competing, the communiqués are generally very light on specifics.

The PM is also thought to be convinced that by reducing the number of aides, world leaders could develop their personally relationships in smaller groups, developing a personal rapport.


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