David Miliband wants TV debates

David Miliband keen on televised debates
David Miliband keen on televised debates

By politics.co.uk staff

Labour leadership frontrunner David Miliband has suggested holding televised debates to help re-engage the public.

A letter to other candidates running to succeed Gordon Brown and acting leader Harriet Harman suggested the idea in a bid to boost Labour's image with the electorate.

It follows the first ever prime ministerial debates during the general election campaign, which saw the Liberal Democrats surge in the polls following strong performances by Nick Clegg.

"We should use every opportunity to engage the widest possible audience," Mr Miliband wrote.

"The TV debate fired up interest in the election - and could be an excellent way to re-engage people with Labour."

The move is a calculated risk for the former foreign secretary, who is seen as the leading contender for the job after his high profile in the last government.

Ex-children's secretary Ed Balls and ex-energy secretary Ed Miliband have received the required 33 nominations from Labour MPs, alongside David Miliband. Former health secretary Andy Burnham is also among those standing.


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