General election 2010: Tories gain Wyre Forest from independent Taylor

By Sabine Klensch

Independent Richard Taylor has lost Wyre Forest to the Conservative candidate Mark Garnier.

A swing of 2.8% handed the seat to Mr Garnier, with a majority of 2,678 votes over the Independent Community and Health Concern leader and former MP, Dr Taylor.

Labour ended far behind on third place with only 7,298 votes.

Dr Taylor’s campaign on relevant local issues in 2001 secured his victory for the two prior electoral terms in a row. Also because no Lib Dem leader was endorsed in 2005 or 2001, Lib Dem votes were shifted to the independent.

Dr Taylor gained large support addressing important local issues of this rural seat.

The Tories’ victory over KHHC tonight represents another key gain for the Conservative party. Yet everything still points at a hung parliament.