The polls: A real mixed bag


The Conservatives lead in all the new polls for the Sunday papers, but the Liberal Democrats’ position is far from clear.

An ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph puts David Cameron’s party up two on 32%, with the Lib Dems gaining one to go to 31% and Labour dropping two points at 26%.

The Tories and Lib Dems are neck and neck on 32% in a poll for the People, with Labour nine points behind.

In a new ComRes poll Labour and the Lib Dems are much closer, 28% to 29%, with the Tories at 34%.

The Conservatives hold the same level of support in a Bpix poll for the Mail on Sunday, with Nick Clegg’s party on 30% and Labour on 26%, while a Yougov poll in the Sunday Times give the Tories one extra point at 35%, with Lib Dems just a point ahead of Labour at 28%.

The outlier of the group comes with an Ipsos Mori poll for the News of the World, amid plenty of chatter on the web about whether Murdoch-owned papers are in some way ‘fudging’ results to diminish Nick Clegg.

The poll is the only one to put his party back in third, and a long way back at 23%, not much more than its ratings before the first TV debate. Labour are on 30% and the Conservatives on 36%.

The only thing that is clear is that all of these results would lead to a hung parliament.